The brand PRIMO’GI takes its name from its founder Primon Giorgio who began handcrafted production in 1971 in Bassano del Grappa.

Initially, production included lamps, home accessories and gift items with original designs, shapes and decorations while maintaining the tradition of Bassanese ceramics.

As time went on the woven technique was perfected until, by popular demand, handcrafted woven ceramic products have now become our exclusive specialty.

We take pride in continuously finding innovative patterns and colors to satisfy all our customers desires.


There are hundreds of new patterns, shapes and designs constantly being created, that combine functionality and beauty ranging from traditional to contemporary styles.
The complete production line is exclusively handcrafted guaranteeing our customers an authentic “Made in Italy” work of art .


PRIMO’GI located in San Giuseppe di Cassola near the well-known city of Bassano del Grappa which is surrounded by art, history and nature in a central position not far from important cities in the area such as, Asolo,Venice,Vicenza,Verona and Padua .
Known for its Ponte Vecchio designed by Palladio, the white asparagus,
ceramics and grappa, Bassano offers its visitors a wide range of attractions to satisfy all tastes.


Via Mozart, 6 - 36022 Cassola (VI) - Italy

+39 0424 33513

+39 0424 33513